Les ouvrages
    Somewhere on the Western Front  

Format 21,5 x 28,5 cm
224 pages
252 illustrations

Textes :
Jean-Marie Girardet,
Alain Jacques,
Jean-Luc Letho Duclos
Photographies :
Pascal Brunet
Direction artistique :
Olivia Gharbi
Editeur :
Editions Degeorge

ISBN : 978-2-916992-01-3
Somewhere on the Western Front
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Research into this highly strategic area of the
Western Front shows the permanent efforts made
by both sides to take and keep these few square
miles of land which, over the months, became as
symbolic as Rheims or Verdun. Based on
contemporary documents, and particularly the
Regimental War Diaries, this book enables us to
follow in detail the events which took place
around Arras. Heroic acts are found side-by-side
with the day-to-day life of the soldier, and enable
us to measure the continual sacrifice required of
these men during the four years of war.

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